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Sustainable business

Sustainability & Environment or corporate social responsibility and future-oriented acting with a green philosophy. Entrepreneurs have the task of doing business sustainably and thus taking good care of people and the environment for future generations.

Why don’t we need to explain more. But how you can testably anchor the guidelines in your processes in your processes, we are happy to help you so that you know whether you as an entrepreneur are doing well and responsibly in a sustainable way .

ISO 14001 is the best-known standard in this area and also by far the most widely used. We also see variants such as a CO2 performance ladder, the CSR performance ladder or ISO 50001. hold no secrets for us.

Conformatix as a product and as your supporting service provider is the trusted choice when achieving, continuing or implementing environmental and sustainability guidelines.

Known Environmental Standards



Using an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, the environmental risks of business operations can be controlled and, if possible, reduced. The environmental risk assessment is the most important part of the standard.

This analysis assesses the environmental risks for all forms of possible pollution. Within conformatix, this automatically results in the treatment plan in which control measures are recorded. This is how you draw up your environmental plan. Implementing an environmental management system is always tailor-made and must be properly adapted to the nature, size and complexity of the organization.


The CO 2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument in the Netherlands that helps companies and governments to reduce CO 2 and costs. Within business operations, in projects and in the chain. The Ladder is used as CO2 management system and used as a procurement tool.

Organizations that are certified according to the Ladder will experience this as an investment that immediately pays for itself in terms of lower energy costs, material savings and innovation gain. the CO2 -Performance Ladder was originally developed in 2009 by ProRail and since 2011 has been owned and managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Entrepreneurship.



By 2050, all buildings in the Netherlands must be energy neutral. That may seem a long way off, but the Energy Agreement includes a number of steps that force you to take action now. ISO 50001 monitors energy consumption in detail and this standard sets stricter requirements for the use of energy than the ISO 14001 standard .

For example, from 2023, every office larger than 100 m2 must have at least Energy Label C to prevent the building’s office function from disappearing. And from 2030 that will even be Energy Label A. Because the requirements of the various energy labels overlap, it is smart to combine both. This way you avoid duplication of work, and therefore additional costs.


The CSR Performance Ladder Management System – Requirements and Certification Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) meets the need to be able to make sustainable development concrete, objective and demonstrable on the basis of social involvement.

This certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility has been compiled on the basis of principles as expressed in the international guidelines for sustainability (ISO 26000), stakeholder management (AA1000) and indicators and reporting (GRI). The standard is designed in such a way that it can be applied internationally. ISO 26000 is not a Management System standard, it is not intended or suitable for certification purposes. As a management system, the CSR Performance Ladder is suitable for certification.



Compliance navigator leads the way

Supervision of the realization is done by means of the audit planning present in conformatix and by registering and responding to deviations via issues. The issues arising from the risk analysis or, for example, from an internal audit, are assigned by means of the process owners known in conformatix. They will receive a notification in the mail that an issue has been created and that follow-up is required. The process owner can in turn assign the issue to another employee for follow-up. As soon as the issue has been dealt with, a verification will have to take place. Conformatix provides through the built-in workflow that the right people are informed at the right time.

The type of issue influences the compliance overview. As soon as a risk still needs to be mitigated, or an issue has been registered, the underlying requirements in the compliance overview turn red. The compliance overview gives you direct insight into the status of the requirements, but also the associated processes, risks and possible open issues.

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